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We help you to convert your original PDF book into an App! To be submitted into the Android PlayStore & as a web app (PWA), for your iOS users. Add extra content to it, reach new markets and more audience!


Our conversion services are completely free! You can convert your original PDF into a testing or release version, as an APK, ready to be submitted to the Android PlayStore. Also, you will be able to generate a web app defining your own subdomain, for your iOS users to install it!

Easy to use

We will ask your for a couple of questions about your book, like name, description etc.. In 3 simple steps, we will guide you through the process, to make it easy & fast. After that, you can create test & release version of your book as an app, as many times you need & update with new content, as many times you want! No Coding required!

All under your control

All the content, features of the app based in your book, is in your hands. We don't publish, nor control your published app in any way. We don't take ownership of your content in any way. We only offer the help to reach new audiences, converting from one format to another.


Outstand the competence, give more to your audience!

Book market is a tough field. You can convert your book into a supercharged product, by publishing in the Google PlayStore, by letting your user access your content from their smartphone, with just one tap!. Add extra, interactive content, as videos, for those who download the app. Open to the iOS market thanks to the Web app version!

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Convert your original PDF Book into an App, FREE!

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